Statistics about children

Since the autumn of 1996 the institution has been taking care of 499 children, aged 2-18. Most of children are not orphans, but their parents do not take care of their children due to alcohol or drug usage, poverty, lack of parenting skills. Psychical and psychological health of these children is very poor. Most of them have used drugs or alcohol; many have suffered from violence and physical abuse. Children have behaviour problems, lack motivation, personal responsibility, self-sufficiency, self-confidence and other social skills.

Number of children who are provided with social care and day care center services:

  • The total number of children in care is 68 children aged 2-18 (40 boys and 28 girls);
  • Children’s Home “Atsigręžk į vaikus” in Vilnius takes care of 36 constantly living children;
  • Čižiūnai Temporary Care Center, situated in Čižiūnai village in Trakai region takes care of 24 constantly living children;
  • 8 youngsters live in Youth Home in Vilnius (in rented apartment in Vilnius city);
  • Children under temporary care: 21 children.
  • Children under permanent care: 47 children.
  • Children from Vilnius micro-district Naujininkai, attending Day Care Centre “Atsigręžk”: 14 children.


  • In 2014 children’s home provided accommodation for 15 newly arrived children between 2-16 years old; these children came from biological families.
  • 8 children left institution in 2014: 1 child returned to biological family, 1 child was adopted, 6 youngsters started independent life.
  • All children are provided by a qualified social, educational, psychological and medical assistance.
  • Children are attending different educational institutions: 9 children attend preschool education institutions, 51 child attend public schools in Vilnius city and in Trakai region, 1 child attend school of special education, 7 youngsters attend professional schools.
  • There are about 50 staff members working with children: psychologists, psychiatrist, special pedagogue, informal education teachers, social workers and social workers assistants (contact info about team members >>>). They solve children’s health and behavior problems, take care of their accommodation and after-school-activities.